Screenshot of Apply Circuit Simulation menu.

XF's post-processing option allows users to combine a schematic and FDTD simulation in order to see steady-state full-wave results with the schematic applied. In order to use this post-processing simulation, users must first run an FDTD simulation that collects S-parameters and discrete frequencies of interest, then create a schematic that includes an FDTD block component.

When a schematic is applied to an FDTD simulation, the following steady-state full-wave results will update:

Users can apply a schematic to FDTD results through the Simulations window by choosing Post ProcessingApply Circuit Simulation as the Create Simulation option in the upper-left corner.

In the Create Circuit Post-processing Simulation window that opens, the Name field at the top of the window provides space for a user-defined simulation identifier. This name appears in the Simulations window once the simulation is created, and can be used to filter results in the Results browser.

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