3D Modeling

Check Model
Identify issues with a 3-D CAD model.
Detach Modeling Option
Control one part's dependence on another.
Faceting Properties
Control faceting options for parts.
Remove Holes
Close gaps in a part.
Sheet Body from Edges
Create a sheet body from a closed circuit of edges.
Cut a part in two.
Thicken Sheet
Turn a sheet into a solid by adding thickness.
Wrap Sheet
Wrap a single part.

CAD Import

Add and manipulate a CTIA hand
PCB Import
Import ODB++ and Allegro .brd files.
Poseable Hand
Import and manipulate CADHuman's Poseable Hand.

Circuit Component Definitions

Model the nonlinear current-voltage curve of a PN junction.
Define a voltage or current source.
Netlist Component
Define a circuit component as a SPICE model.
Nonlinear Capacitor
Apply nonlinear behavior to a component.
Passive Load
Create an RLC component with no source.
Photoconductive Semiconductor Switch
Define a light-enabled switch.
Add opening and closing switches.


Circuit Components
Specify the location of a lumped component.
Modal Waveguide Excitation
Excite a waveguide structure with TEM, quasi-TEM, TE, or TM modes.
Nodal Waveguide Excitation
Specify pins for exciting a transmission line.
Plane Wave Excitation
Define the incident direction and polarization.
Waveguide Boundaries
Set the outer edges of a waveguide interface.
Waveguide Geometry
Position and size a waveguide interface within the problem space.


Coordinate Systems
Angle and vector component definitions.
View and manipulate 2-D plotted results.
Create and edit shortcut groups in the project tree.
Macros Menu
Register macros with XF for use in all projects.
Object Encryption
Password protect material and circuit component definition parameters.
Outer Boundary
Apply conditions at the edges of the simulation space
Parameters Window
Define universal parameters


Dispersive Material Calculator
Fit a Debye-Drude material to measured data.
Debye-Drude Material
Electric dispersive material definition.
Nondispersive Material
Isotropic material definition with constant properties versus frequency.
Surface Conductivity Correction
Maintain the surface impedance for a metal.


3-D Mesh
Render the entire 3-D mesh or view a cropped section
Dielectric Volume Averaging
Enable meshing for dielectric parts
Meshing Order
Prioritize meshing of co-incident, overlapping, and intersecting parts

Optenni Lab

Optenni Lab Integration
Improve the matching network design process.


Sequence Tab
View animated results

Results (Discrete Frequency)

Circuit Component Results
Discrete frequency results for active and passive circuit components.
SAR Combination
Combine SAR results to find a maximum SAR value.
System Sensor
Discrete frequency results for the system sensor.
UAN File Format
Learn about a 3-D far zone radiation pattern text file

Sensor Definitions

Surface Current Sensor Definition
Request surface current output as a function of time or frequency.


Dielectric Breakdown Sensor
Request results for electrostatic discharge.
Far Zone Reference Settings
Set the phase reference point for far zone sensors.
Surface Current Sensor
View the electrical current on a metal surface.


Create FDTD Simulation
Set up and run a calculation
Manage Simulations
Options for queuing, deleting, and editing existing simulations.

View Tools

On-Screen Display
View tool-specific information in the geometry window
Rectangle Select Tool
Select multiple parts at once.


User Defined Waveform
Create a custom waveform definition.