60 GHz Antenna Tutorial

60 GHz Phased Array Tutorial

Import and simulate a phased array antenna CAD model that operates in the WiGig band centered at 60.48 GHz. Modal waveguide ports excite the stripline feeding structure. Superposition and array optimization are used to analyze the beamforming capabilities of the antenna, and CDF of EIRP graphs compare the effectiveness of different beam configurations.

Bow Tie Antenna Tutorial

Bow Tie Antenna Tutorial

Create and analyze a broadband antenna from 2 GHz to 25 GHz. In this project, the bow tie antenna geometry is constructed using two triangular pieces of metal, where $\alpha$ is approximately 70 degrees and the length is 40 mm. This generates an average input impedance near 300 ohms.

GPS Bluetooth Antenna Tutorial

GPS Bluetooth Unmatched Antenna Tutorial

Parameterize an antenna and evaluate its performance. This project's geometry includes an unmatched feed that connects the ground plane to the antenna using a via and tab. The antenna radiator is parameterized in order to evaluate each antenna length from 20 to 30 mm in 1.25 mm increments, and is connected to a voltage source with 50 ohm resistor and waveform to match the project's frequency range of interest from 1 to 3 GHz. S-parameter, VSWR, and far zone results are analyzed to see the impact of the parameterized antenna length.