Floating license configurations require the license server to be installed and running before users specify its location when starting XF.

Server administrators should note that XF uses FLEXlm for licensing, and a vendor daemon can be provided to integrate it with an existing license server. Because XF has its own daemon, it can run alongside other engineering packages, such as MATLAB, Pro/E, etc. The instructions below include steps for installing the license server.

Specify License in XF

License server location.

Server administrators should provide the location of the license server to users, so they may enter that location in the Choose License dialog in XF. The server location uses the format @host-name or port@host-name, for example, 1711@license-server-name.

The Choose License dialog will appear upon starting XF.

  1. Enter the server location in the License Location section.
  2. Click Apply.

The OK button will enable if the server is located and can provide a license.

  1. Click OK to begin using XF.

Request License File

Floating licenses are tied to the machine that is hosting the license server, so that machine's MAC address and host name should be sent to Remcom in order to generate a license.

If XF is installed on the machine that will host the license server, the following steps should be used for requesting a license:

  1. Open XF so the Choose License window appears.
  2. Click on the Info button in the Choose License window.
  3. Click the Save to File button in the Licensing Information window.
  4. Save the file to your desktop or another convenient location.
  5. Email support@remcom.com with your name, organization, and the file generated from the above commands.

If XF is not installed on the machine that will host the license server, the machine's MAC address and host name should be sent to Remcom.

On Windows, open a command prompt and run the following command:

On Linux, run the two commands:

Send the file(s) to Remcom:

Remcom will generate an XF license file (*.lic) and send it via email.

Save and Edit the License File

Remcom provides a license file (*.lic) for use with the license server. Save the license file to a convenient location.

If XF is installed on the machine running the license server, use one of the following locations:

If XF is not installed on the machine that will host the license server, save the license file to an appropriate location for that license server.

Edit license file.

Before using the license, view the file and verify the host name matches that of the machine running the license server. If the license server is being accessed through a firewall, assign a specific port by adding the port number to the end of the SERVER line. By default, a port from 27000 to 27009 will be used if a port is not specified. Save the license file when finished.

After the license server has been setup, the port and host name that appear in the license file should be provided to each XF user so it can be used to license XF. If the SERVER line of the license file did not specify a port, provide users with host name as @host-name. Otherwise, provide users the port and host name indicated in the license file as port@host-name.

Reference the Specify License in XF section above.

Install License Server on Windows

To configure a floating license on Windows, users must first install the server software on a machine that is connected to the network:

  1. Log onto the computer as an administrator or power user.
  2. Download Remcom 64-bit Licensing Setup.
  3. Double-click on the downloaded executable, RemcomLicensingSetup64.exe.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the server installation.

When the installation is complete, shortcuts will be added to the Windows Start menu. Verify that the XF license is in the proper location with the following steps:

  1. Select Start ❯ Remcom ❯ Licensing ❯ Open license folder
  2. Verify the XF license file (*.lic) exists in that folder.

Start the license server.

  1. Select Start ❯ Remcom ❯ Licensing ❯ Add License Service (V11.16.2)
  2. Select Start ❯ Remcom ❯ Licensing ❯ Start License Service

This completes the license server software installation process.

Install License Server on Linux

The license server software for Linux is packaged with XF and can be found in the {xf-install-dir}/remcom/FLEXlm/v11.16.2-TRL/x64_lsb directory after installation.

There are several executables available:

Start the lmgrd license server.

The license server will report its status.

License Timeout

As of release 7.10.0, XF's graphical user interface (GUI) respects the TIMEOUTALL option on the license server. If all open GUI instances are idle for the time period specified by the license server, then the user interface license is returned to the license server and made available for check out by other users. The minimum idle time for this feature's configuration is 24 hours. More information on this feature and how to configure a license server for use is available in the FlexLM License Administration Guide.

FlexLM license server documentation is available when installing Remcom products: