The grouping capability enables users to mix shortcuts from different branches of the project tree and organize them under  Groups. The user-defined groups streamline the workflow with shortcuts that provide creating, adding, and editing options.

A shortcut is a node in the project tree that references an object, such as a part, component, or sensor. It often indicates assignment, such as a material assigned to a part or a waveform assigned to a circuit component definition. The referenced object is called a target, and it may be associated with multiple shortcuts. For example, a material shortcut that appears under a part may be copied into the groups branch. Although the same shortcut exists in two different places, they share the same target because both point to the same material that appears in the definitions branch. A shortcut's right-click menu provides the same options as its target, and it is identified in the project tree by a curved arrow in the lower-left corner of an icon.

Use Cases

There are two primary use cases for XF's grouping capability:

  1. Improved workflow with a condensed version of the project tree.
  2. Generated groups during CAD import.

In the first use case, users can create groups of parts, excitations, definitions, and sensors, placing the parts of interest together in the project tree. In projects with a large number of parts, the grouping capability reduces scrolling through the project tree for a smoother workflow. For team projects, grouping objects according to engineer eliminates overlap and confusion.

In the second use case, XF generates groups upon CAD import so that each imported part has a shortcut in the groups branch of the project tree. If a CAD file is imported more than once, each subsequent import creates a new group as it is merged with existing parts that reflects any revisions to the model.

Create and Edit

Right-click create new group.

Users can create a group or subgroup by right-clicking in the groups branch, or while adding an object to a new group from the right-click menu of either a target or a shortcut.

Right-click add to group.

Users can add an object to an existing group or subgroup through the right-click menu of either a target or any shortcut. The menu options allow adding to an existing group, or a new group as it is created. Objects can also be added by copying either a target or existing group and pasting it into an existing group. Targets and all shortcuts can be clicked and dragged to an existing group.

Right-click menu target actions.

Users can access target actions through the right-click menu of any shortcut, where the options provided are equivalent to those of its associated target.