Screenshot of on-screen display.

XF guides users through a tool's functionality by providing instructions and coordinate locations in the geometry window. The information is specific to the active measuring, selecting, or drawing tool, and is visible once the desired tool is selected.

The displayed information is separated into three components, each serving a different purpose:

  1. Instructions: identifies the next appropriate action.
  2. Options: lists the tool's available key selections.
  3. Coordinates: provides both the local and global coordinate system location.

Text Visibility

Screenshot of control button.

Users can toggle between viewing and hiding the three on-screen display components by clicking the Enable On-Screen Display button in the lower-right corner of XF. If desired, users can hide the available options component by clicking the button's drop-down arrow and unchecking the Show Tool Options setting.

Rendering Options

Screenshot of Application Preferences.

Users can adjust the on-screen display's appearance by clicking Edit in the upper-left corner of XF and selecting Application Preferences to open the editor. Settings in the Rendering Options section allow users to change the display's appearance.

The On-screen Display setting allows users to change the display's text color and the text's background color by clicking on the left and right color boxes, respectively. In each editor that opens, selections are made using either the color wheel and its editable fields or the Preset drop-down menu.

Users can change the display text's size by either typing into the editable field or clicking its arrows to increase or decrease the number as desired.

Users should note that the background color editor's Alpha setting makes the on-screen display transparent so the geometry underneath it is visible.