Screenshot of the Schematic Editor toolbar.

Analysis definitions determine the allowable values for a given component during optimization. Potential values are limited by each component's specified range. Users can adjust the range parameters for a customized analysis.

Users can access this functionality by clicking the Edit Property Analysis Definitions button in the toolbar at the top of the Schematic Editor to open the Analysis Definitions window. Here, the default view includes all components that appear in the schematic workspace.

Alternatively, users can access the same specifications for an individual component by double-clicking on the desired component in the schematic workspace to open the Schematic Component Editor, then clicking the edit property analysis button to open its associated Analysis Definitions window.

Analysis Definitions Toolbar

Screenshot of the Analysis Definitions Toolbar.

Three tools are available across the top of the window:

Screenshot of the Search options.

In the upper-right corner of the window, users can manually enter text into the Search field and use the drop-down arrow to access additional filtering criteria.

The Search Type determines what search terminology is considered valid:

The Search These Fields options specify which fields are searched for the terms entered in the Search bar. The available selections include fields with either numeral or text entries, such as Property, Component, Analyze, and Continuity.

Specifying Analysis Definitions

Screenshot of the Analysis Definitions table.

The main portion of the window lists each component in a table with its associated information.

The first three columns display specifications entered when creating a given component:

The remaining columns correspond to settings in the lower portion of the window.

Selecting one or more rows in the table will enable context specific editable fields across the bottom of the window. These editable fields define the allowable range of component property values.

Two buttons are available at the bottom of the Analysis Definitions window: