XF's on-screen display provides tool-specific information in the geometry window. The list of tools include the measure tool, picker tools, and 2-D sketcher tools.

On-screen information can be separated into three components:

  1. Instructions: identifies the next appropriate action for the tool being used.
  2. Options: lists the tool's available key selections.
  3. Coordinates: provides the local and global coordinate system location associated with the cursor.
Screenshot of on-screen display.
Three components of on-screen display


Screenshot of control button. The button and drop-down menu available in the bottom-right corner of the Geometry window are used to enable or disable the visibility of the three on-screen display components. Clicking the Enable On-Screen Display button sets the visibility of all three components simultaneously. The Show Tool Options checkbox controls only the visibility of the tool's options, as described in the second component above.

Application Preferences

Screenshot of Application Preferences. The text color, text size, and background color are set in the General tab of the Application Preferences, which is available under the Edit menu.

Users should note that the alpha setting on the background color makes the on-screen display transparent so the geometry underneath is visible.