September 15, 2015: The content below helps navigate the new features in this release. A full list of updates is available in the Reference Manual's Appendix.

Optenni Lab Integration

Screenshot of Optenni Lab.

Transfer data from XF directly to Optenni Lab through the Results browser. Optenni Lab is a software package that synthesizes and optimizes matching network topologies and component values based on S-parameter and efficiency results from an XF simulation.

This integration provides the following abilities:

*.s2p and MDIF File Support for CEO

Screenshot of CEO window. XF's circuit element optimizer (CEO) has been extended to support standard *.s2p files and the MDIF format of *.s2p files. This extension enables single component and passive tunable integrated circuit definitions to be obtained from a component manufacturer and used in circuit optimization.

More Control over Refreshing Results

Screenshot of Result Browser.

By default, XF periodically checks all simulation output files and updates Graphs when those files are changed. An increasing number of simulations causes the user interface (UI) to pause when checking those files. Added capability gives users with a large number of simulations more control over which files are checked.

If the UI pauses for long periods of time while updating results, go to Edit ❯ Application Preferences ❯ General ❯ Results and uncheck Check for Updated Results to update results manually.

Through the Results browser, results can be updated using the Refresh button at the top of the window:

Results can also be refreshed by right-clicking on a result in the bottom pane:

Additional Capabilities

This version introduced over 20 usability, performance, scripting, and other updates.

Here is a select list of modifications: