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Netlist Library Importer | XFdtd

Import subcircuits as separate netlist component definitions.

The Netlist Library Importer macro facilitates the import of each subcircuit contained in a netlist library file as a separate circuit component definition. The script parses the subcircuits from a library file, writing each to a seperate intermediate file along with any global options for that library. It adds the array of circuit component definitions to the project tree, each with a name and file path.

Use the netlist library importer macro by following these steps:

  1. Download NetlistLibraryImporter.xmacro
  2. Place the file in your Macros Menu directory or right-click on Scripts in the Project Tree and choose Import Scripts.
  3. Execute the script by selecting it in the Macros Menu, or right-click on the imported script in the Project Tree and choose Execute.

Once the script is executed, a window opens that lists the available netlist files.

  1. Select the desired netlist file.
  2. Click Open.

Once the file is loaded, a window opens that lists the subcircuits contained in the selected library file.

  1. Use the Check All and Uncheck All buttons to select all or none of the subcircuits, respectively, or use the checkboxes to choose individual subcircuits.
  2. Click OK.

The script adds each of the selected subcircuits to the Circuit Component Definitions node of the Project Tree. Each definition has a name and path to the intermediate file containing its data, which users can view by right-clicking on a component in the Project Tree and selecting Properties to open the Circuit Component Definition Editor.