Corner reflector.

Corner Reflector Tutorial

Compare WaveFarer's results to the radar range equation. In this project, a transceiver consisting of one transmitter and one receiver uses 24.1 GHz antennas with 16 dBi gain. The received power for a 20 dBsm corner reflector at incremented distances between 5 and 160 meters is simulated, and WaveFarer's generated results are then plotted against the radar range equation.

Vehicle Target.

Euro NCAP Vehicle Target Tutorial

Simulate a linear chirp and export results for post-processing. This tutorial utilizes vehicle target geometry imported from WaveFarer's library. A transceiver is then added, consisting of one transmitter with a 77 GHz sinusoid waveform and one receiver. The locations of the vehicle target and the radar are parameterized in order to evaluate each object's starting point and velocity over a period of 9 seconds. Users can export WaveFarer's results to a *.mat file for post-processing in MATLAB that generates a range-Doppler plot.

User Defined Antenna.

User-Defined Antenna Tutorial

Import custom radiation patterns into WaveFarer using *.uan files. This project uses a 77 GHz radar containing one transmitter and two receivers. After import, a sphere sweeps in front of the radar in order to verify the phase difference between the two receivers.