Right click menu of assembly.

The  Parts List organizes the current project's geometric parts in a flat list without assembly structure, helping users identify and adjust the characteristics associated with each one. Users can access the parts list by clicking View in the upper-left corner of XF and selecting Parts List (All Parts) to open the Parts List window, or by right-clicking on an Assembly in the Project Tree and selecting View Parts List. When opening the part list through an assembly, only the parts within the selected assembly will be listed.

Screenshot of parts list.

The assembly path of a selected part appears in the upper-left corner of the window and is useful for copy-and-paste operations. The number of selected parts appears when two or more items are selected, and mousing over this information displays the assembly path of each individual part.

Screenshot of Search bar.

In the upper-right corner of the window, users can manually enter text into the Search field and use the drop-down arrow to access additional filtering criteria.

The Search Type determines what search terminology is considered valid:

When choosing the Regular Expression search, users should note that entering a space either before or after a vertical bar returns incomplete search results. The Search These Fields options specify which fields are searched for the terms entered in the Search bar. The available selections include fields with either numeral or text entries, such as the Meshing Order, Name, Meshing Priority, and Material.

Users can adjust individual settings by right-clicking on a part and choosing the menu option associated with the desired field. Clicking the column's header and using the Screenshot of Up Arrow icon. or Screenshot of Down Arrow icon. buttons toggle between decending and ascending order, respectively.

The parts list fields display the following information: