The workspace window of the schematic editor contains components and transmission lines for use when adding schematic elements to a project. Once added to the current schematic, users can edit a component's properties by either double-clicking on the desired component in the schematic window, or right-clicking on the desired component and selecting Edit Properties.

Each component property editor includes element-specific settings, as well as the following general options:

Voltage Source

The Voltage Source button. button adds an independent AC voltage source to the current schematic.

The following settings define its parameters:

Users should note that the frequency of the AC voltage source is set equal to the current sample frequency of the frequency sweep, such that the same amplitude and phase are applied at all frequencies, meaning the source is not frequency dependent. Each voltage source is automatically treated as a port when calculating S-parameters.


The Resistor tool button. button adds an ideal resistor to the current schematic.

The Resistance parameter is the resistance of the ideal resistor, and must be greater than or equal to zero. When set to zero, a minimal resistance is used by the solver.

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