Remcom provides a license file (*.lic) for demo, node-locked, and USB key license configurations. XFdtd requires access to that file in order to authenticate the user's system and run the software. When using a USB key to run XF, both the license file and an updated driver are required.

Request a License

License dialog w/ Info button.

Node-locked licenses are tied to a specific machine, so Remcom needs that machine's MAC address and host name in order to generate a license.

Upon opening XF, the Choose License window opens and allows users to request a license by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Info button in the Choose License window.
  2. Click the Save to File button in the Licensing Information window.
  3. Save the file to your desktop or another convenient location.
  4. Email with your name, organization, and the attached file.

Remcom will generate an XF license file (*.lic) and email it to the user.

There is no need to request a demo license because it will be provided with the installer—either attached to an email or available in the free trial portal. There is also no need to request a USB key license because it is tied to a specific dongle and they will be provided together.

Save License File

To install a demo, node-locked, or USB key license, save the XF license file (*.lic) provided by Remcom to a location in your filesystem. The following locations are suggestions, but the license file can be placed anywhere that is convenient.

Specify License in XF

License dialog.

Upon opening XF, the Choose License dialog will appear, as shown in the image.

Following these steps will point XF to the license file:

  1. In the License Location section, either enter the folder where the license file was saved or click Browse.
  2. Navigate to and select the license file.
  3. Click Apply.

The enabled OK button in the Choose License window indicates that XF is licensed.

  1. Click OK to begin using XF.