PCB Wrap Workflow | XFdtd

Wrap a multi-layer PCB during import.

The PCB wrap capability conforms a flat representation of the PCB to a target surface using a locator for alignment. A flexible PCB is created during import, so the file's whole board and all of its parts are wrapped simultaneously. XF supports both ODB++ and .brd files, allowing users to import geometry from circuit layout design tools, such as Cadence's Allegro PCB Design package.

Before beginning the PCB import process, users must provide a target surface on which to wrap the PCB and then attach a locator to the target. The target can be either an imported CAD model, or a sheet body created using XF's modeling tools. Regardless of which method is used, the target must be a sheet rather than a solid. A locator must be attached to a target face—not an edge or vertex—to ensure XF properly aligns the PCB.

Wrap a PCB while importing either an ODB++ database or .brd file:

First, provide a sheet as a target.

  1. Import CAD geometry or create a sheet body in XF by right-clicking on the Parts branch of the Project Tree and selecting Create NewSheet Body to open the editor.

Next, attach a locator to the target.

  1. In the Project Tree, right-click on the target part and select Create NewLocator.
  2. Expand the target part in the Project Tree to see the modeling sequence beneath it.
  3. Right-click on Locator and select Properties to open the editor.
  4. Use the Direction Picking Tools drop-down arrow to select either Simple Plane or Origin.
  5. Press a on the keyboard and click a location on the target's face to place the locator's origin.
  6. Right-click on the U', V', and W' axis arrows and use the menu options to change the locator's orientation.
  7. Click Done to save the changes to the project.

Import the PCB.

  1. In the upper-left corner of XF, click FileImportPCB, and select either ODB++ or Allegro .brd to open the Import PCB window.
  2. Select the desired file and click Choose to open the PCB import window.
  3. Complete the Layers, Nets, and Crop tabs as desired.
  4. Under the Wrap tab, check the Wrap option.
  5. Use the Locator drop-down arrow to choose a defined locator on the target.
  6. Click Choose locator position to specify the PCB point for alignment by clicking in the preview pane.
  7. Click OK to start the import.
  8. After import, click OK to close the import log.

The wrapped PCB is visible in the Geometry window. Users can delete the target or set it invisible to exclude it from the mesh if it is no longer needed.

1:30 Create Locator. 3:15 Import PCB.