Parameters are user-defined variables and functions that facilitate the creation and organization of a project. Once a parameter is added in the Parameters window, it can be entered into any editable field that accepts parameters and used to define multiple objects. This versatility allows users to change the shape, size, orientation, relative position, material definition, or component value of those parameterized objects by editing a single value in the parameters window.

Use Cases

There are two primary use cases for XF's parameterization capability:

  1. Referencing a commonly used number or formula.
  2. Perform a parameter sweep.

The first use case provides an alternative to re-entering the same value when defining multiple objects. For example, adding parameter A with a value of 1.575 in the parameters window allows users to enter the parameter name, A, into an object's editable field rather than typing 1.575 each time.

The second use case allows users to evaluate a range of parameter values without creating numerous simulations. Results analysis allows users to determine which parameter value provides the desired performance.


Screenshot of the View menu.

Users can access the Parameters window by either clicking the Parameters button on the right side of the XF window, or by selecting ViewParameters in the upper-left corner.

Screenshot of the Parameters window.

The Parameters window contains four columns:

If an invalid formula is entered, an Screenshot of the invalid icon. Error! warning appears in the Value field. A description of the invalidity is displayed when the mouse hovers over the icon.

Users should note that a timestep parameter exists by default. This parameter is uneditable because the timestep value is derived from the smallest grid cell's edge length, and therefore changes according to the cells in the problem space.

The Parameters window also contains several buttons:

The workspace is navigated using the mouse and keyboard buttons:

Parameter Syntax

Screenshot of parameters window with example parameters.

Users must adhere to certain guidelines for allowable entries when defining a parameter.

The following restrictions apply to parameter names:

The following restrictions apply to parameter formulas: