December 20, 2022: The content below helps navigate the new features in this release. A full list of updates is available in the Reference Manual's Appendix.

XF 7.10.2 upgrades FLEXlm licensing libraries to version v11.16.2-TRL from v11.14.1-TRL. Customers using a floating license must update their floating license server. Customers using a green 9-key USB dongle must upgrade their USB driver.

Video Walk-Through

The following video introduces several user-interface features:

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Schematic Editor Updates

This release adds several new capabilities to the schematic editor. Most notably, the analysis workbench provides sliders for tuning schematic components. This helps engineers acheive a matching network that meets design requirements, as well as understand their network's sensitivity to individual components. Overview videos demonstrate the capabilities for antennas with fixed-band and tunable matches.


Huygen's Surface Sensor

A Huygen's surface sensor in the project tree records steady-state electric and magnetic fields near the boundary of the FDTD simulation space. These fields are available for export to Wireless InSite, a ray-tracing simulator, where they represent an antenna's radiation characteristics. The sensor allows users to specify a reference point at which rays either originate or terminate, and a geometric locator for placing the surface within the ray-tracing environment.

IEC/IEEE Standards

XFdtd 7.10.2 is compliant with and passes all tests outlined in the international standards determined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Additional Capabilities

There are over 19 usability, performance, scripting, and other updates in this version.

Here is a select list of modifications: