Sensors allow users to request data from a simulation.

Near-Field Sensors

Near-field sensors collect data within the bounds of the FDTD simulation space. Each one must be associated with a sensor definition that specifies which data to collect.

Far Zone Sensors

Far-zone sensors compute radiation and RCS patterns outside the simulation space. Users can accomplish this by applying a near- to far-field transform to the fields within the FDTD simulation space.

Huygens Surface Sensor

The Huygens surface sensor saves both electric and magnetic fields near the boundary of the FDTD simulation space. These fields are typically exported to a ray-tracing tool, such as Wireless InSite, where they are used to define an antenna's radiation characteristics.

SAR Sensors

SAR sensors compute unaveraged, 1-gram averaged, and 10-gram averaged SAR results in compliance with the IEC/IEEE standards.

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