June 8, 2021: The content below helps navigate the features in this release. A full list of updates is available in the Reference Manual's Appendix.

Transient EM/Circuit Co-Simulation

TVS Diode Schematic

XF's co-simulation capability supports nonlinear components, such as TVS diodes. The netlist component definition allows users to import a text file and define SPICE models containing diodes. Using transient co-simulation, the circuit solver and FDTD solver simultaneously simulate the SPICE model and full-wave 3-D simulation space, respectively.

Additionally, an XF macro is provided that facilitates the import of a netlist library as separate netlist component definitions.

Optenni Lab Integration

Optenni Lab logo.

This release builds on existing XF-Optenni Lab integration by adding support for parameter sweeps. After performing a parametric analysis in XF, users can export simulation data for each value of a parameter sweep to Optenni Lab for analysis.

This integration also supports post-processing on both Windows and Linux.

Select Mesh Cutplane

Screenshot of Mesh View Controls

Functionality added to the mesh view controls allows users to specify 2-D mesh cutplane locations with the mouse by clicking in the geometry window. A toggle button added to each x, y, and z slice locates the 2-D cutplane in its respective direction, assisting in mesh visualization prior to simulation.

Additional Capabilities

There are over 30 usability, performance, scripting, and other updates in this version.

Here is a select list of modifications: