March 10, 2020: The content below helps navigate the features in this release. A full list of updates is available in the Reference Manual's Appendix.

Remcom's newly implemented naming structure for XF's package options, effective January 1, 2020, appears in pricing quotes and invoices but does not affect the software's functionality.

Array Analysis

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This release introduces superposition simulations and array optimization for post processing steady-state results. These features allow users to apply the electromagnetic principle of superposition in order to combine steady-state results from a single FDTD simulation.

Remcom's support site provides additional information on several pages:

Power Density

XF's algorithm for evaluating spatial-averaged power density on a planar surface is consistent with the CDV of IEC/IEEE 63195-2: Assessment of Power Density of Human Exposure to Radio Freqeuncy Fields From Wireless Devices in Close Proximity to the Head and Body, Part 2: Computation Procedure (Frequency Range of 6 GHz to 300 GHz). While this standard remains in the development phase, users can use a script for evaluating power density on a planar evaluation surface.

Object Encryption

This release expands the object encryption capability of XF 7.8.0 to include geometry assemblies, sub-assemblies, parts, and circuit components. Encrypted geometry cannot be viewed in the parts list, used in modeling operations, viewed in the mesh, used for sensors, or exported to a CAD file. This allows partners and suppliers to share CAD models for use in simulations without revealing sensitive design details.

Library Bundles

Bundles added to XF's library allow users to group geometry, circuit components, and sensors as one bundle that is accessible across projects. A bundle that is added to a project from a library maintains the relative positions and associations of its various items.

Additional Capabilities

There are several usability, performance, scripting, and other updates in this version.

Here is a select list of modifications: